Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Earth Trust Can Make a Difference

Recently I have been exploring how the Earth Trust can make a difference right now, in our world. I have revisited the fundamental principles of the Trust while looking at what our world needs today.

In essence the Earth Trust is about healing our connection, our relationship with the Earth, with each other and with our own spirit. One old Aboriginal woman from the desert speaks of “healing ourselves, healing country”.

There is a way that we can live with respect and sustainably. It includes leading edge technology, the careful use of natural resources and good governance. However at the core of all that we do to live sustainably is the way we human beings live in relationship with all life, with the Earth herself.

Today we hear about the crisis with our bee populations around the world.

Bryan Walsh wrote 9 August 2013

“The plight of the bees illustrates our outsized influence on the this planet as we reshape it—consciously and not—to meet our immediate needs. But just because we have this power doesn’t mean we fully understand it, or our impact on our own world. We are a species that increasingly has omnipotence without omniscience. That’s a dangerous combination for the animals and plants that share this planet with us.  And eventually, it will be dangerous for us, too.”  
Bryan Walsh Senior Editor of TIME Magazine.  

Researchers are concerned with what they find. We know that if our bee populations fail to thrive we very quickly lose our capacity to produce food. The Earth Trust is concerned with the natural environment which is being threatened by those farming practices which use pesticides and fertilisers which compromise the health of our natural resources.  

The Earth Trust is beginning to work with Landholders to address these issues and redress the imbalance in the natural environment. We are supporting Custodial Elders to offer their wisdom and knowledge to Landholders and support Landholders to explore ways of working with the land differently and viably, which we hope will offer some real solutions to the future of life on Earth. 

This is a solution we are developing right now!