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The Earth Trust is deeply respectful of the contribution that ancient custodial wisdom has to offer the future.

The Earth Trust is an organisation established to work for and with the Earth. It is committed to working with custodial wisdom and scientific knowledge to find practical and respectful solutions to environmental issues facing us today.

The Earth Trust partners with people, businesses and local communities to create practical solutions for the care and restoration of our natural environment.

The Earth Trust works with respect for the natural environment and works to support the continuity of a living planet for our children and our children’s children, for generations into the future.

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The Earth. 
She is our mother and without our mother where are we?
I wouldn’t be here if Mother Earth wasn’t here. 

Where would any of us be, if mother Earth wasn’t here?
We are connected!
Mother Earth is Mother Earth.’
Gumbaynggirr Woman
Australian Aboriginal Elder