Our directors

Janette Blainey BA Dip Ed

Janette is Co-founder and Executive Director of the Earth Trust. Her background is in education, community development and intercultural communication.

Janette has worked with Indigenous people in Australia and the Pacific for forty-five years. This has helped inform her collaborative way of working, in communities and in business. Janette is committed to building communities on a local and global level and to having the perspectives of Custodial Elders be included in the development of policies and practical solutions at all levels, in particular in the care and protection of natural resources and in environmental management.

Janette served on the board of Warrina Women and Children’s Refuge in Coffs Harbour and was Inaugural Chair of the Australian Chapter of the World Business Academy.

Brynnie Goodwill JD AB

Brynnie is a strategist who is passionate about developing a sustainable future. With a background in international corporate law, Brynnie has worked over the past thirty years to support the establishment and scaling of innovative business and social ventures that contribute to the well-being of the planet.

During the past decade, Brynnie has served as CEO, Board director and in other senior executive roles assisting social ventures in the articulation of their vision, values and strategy to create change.

A former Al Gore Climate Project Ambassador and CEO of Jubilee Australia, she is currently a Board Director of the Sydney North Primary Health Network, Chair of its Community Council and is engaged with the development of Sharing Stories Foundation.

Robert Rosen B Ec

Robert has been involved in a range of environmental issues in Australia over the last thirty-five years. He has a background in accounting, real estate and investment. He is currently a Director of Enova Community Energy Ltd, Australia's first Community based electricity retailer. He has been a Director & Treasurer of Bush Heritage Australia, National Secretary of the Australian Green Party, and Chair of the Nature Conservation Trust of NSW and Rainforest Rescue.

Robert played a pioneering role in the development of the ethical, socially responsible investment industry in Australia and is a former Director of the Responsible Investment Association and the Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia (ASrIA).

Richard Melnick

Richard has been a private investor for 20 years, with particular interest in companies operating in the health-care and life sciences sectors.

He founded the Earth Environmental Trust Inc in the USA, which was successful in financially supporting a number of sensitive environmental projects in the rainforest region of the Amazon, Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia and water monitoring in San Francisco Bay area.

He lives in Colorado where he is able to be with the mountains.