Past projects

The Earth Trust has engaged in a number of initiatives in support of the natural environment, where Indigenous perspectives in relation to Land and Water are respected.

Scoping Study on Holding Land in Trust
This involved receiving Aboriginal Land and holding it in trust for Traditional Custodians at their request, for future generations. It was decided that this was not appropriate at this time.

A cultural awareness programme
‘The Beginning of a Journey into Learning… about Aboriginal Lore, Land and Respect and about Culture and Communication in Community’ was developed and facilitated with Elders and Custodial Loremen. It was designed at the request of the NSW Department of Sustainable Natural Resources (now Department of Infrastructure Planning and Natural Resources) and presented to the ‘Land and Water Regional Committee’ in northern NSW.

‘Gender, Energy and Sustainable Development in the Pacific’
This paper was presented to the regional conference on Gender Energy and Sustainable Development, in Fiji. The meeting of representatives from Pacific Nations was facilitated by Janette Blainey, Executive Director, Earth Trust.

‘The Spirit of the Earth’ a short film  
The Earth Trust supported the making of the film, which was envisaged and executed with people from Kamilaroi, Awabakal and Gumbaynggirr Aboriginal language groups. It is a call to all people ‘to sit, be still and listen’. It is a call to work together in harmony with Mother Earth.

It was presented by Executive Director Janette Blainey on behalf of these communities, at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), known as the Earth Summit, in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

Projects supported by the Environmental Trust Inc in the United States included:

Lake Baikal (Siberia) Initiative of the Sacred Earth Network
Funding was provided to support the respectful, sustainable management of the deepest, and believed to be the oldest, Lake on Earth. Sacred Earth Network supported the different Custodial Elders to be included in the management of the surrounding lands and the waters of the Lake.

AMETRA (Applicacion de Medicina Tradicional)
This project, supported by the Rainforest Alliance, is located in the Amazonian forest in Peru and is concerned with health-care and the traditional uses of plants by forest communities. It is run by the traditional people, with financial and technical support from several government and non-profit organisations.

The native people, with help from their partners in this project, succeeded in improving human health and promoting regional conservation and establishing an Ethnobiological Centre.

Blue Ridge to Bay Citizens Water Monitoring Network
This project, based in the San Francisco Bay area, was designed to engage the community in the process of monitoring water quality.